Objectives of our Association

  • To promote the highest possible standards of commercial jet boat operation and safety in New Zealand.
  • To establish and promote appropriate standards for operating driving and/or technical competence for the operation of commercial jet boats.
  • To establish suitable qualifications and facilitate training for commercial jet boat operations.
  • To liaise with all other bodies and organisations concerned with use of any New Zealand waterway for commercial purposes.
  • To act as an advocate for its Members.

Membership benefits

  • Advocacy through strong industry unification. This can then be used as voice for industry for regulatory issues
  • Fostering networks through Maritime New Zealand and regional councils
  • Communication through an annual general meeting, the NZCBJA website, social media and quarterly new letters
  • Industry use NZCJBA of multi language and hand held safety cards

Contact us

Chairman: Simon Thew, [email protected]
Secretary: Christian Chester, [email protected]